Part Time Admin & Marketing Assistant

Part Time Admin & Marketing Assistant at Applewood Golf Course

$ From $20 an hour

  • Two - Four days a week - Pay Starting at $20 per hour
  • Assist General Manager with daily reports
  • Attend to weekly inventory
  • Submit and process weekly bills
  • Assist General Manager with marketing and social media
  • Assist Tournament Director with tournament marketing pieces
  • Assist General Manager and Tournament Director with daily/weekly admin items not limited to: payroll, e-mail blasts, month end reports, tournament set up, monthly newsletters, new employee onboarding, etc.

Published 2021-05-14

Applewood Golf Course looks for a Part Time Admin & Marketing Assistant in Golden, CO 80401 location.

How much Social Media Assistant professional earns at Applewood Golf Course?

The proposed salary for Social Media Assistant position at Applewood Golf Course is From $20 an hour.

Part Time Admin & Marketing Assistant responsibilities at Applewood Golf Course

According to the common industry standard, Social Media Assistant specialist is in charge for the following activities.

Required Social Media Assistant qualifications at Applewood Golf Course

To be disscussed with candidate