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At Glowforge, we help people bring home the future and make it their own. Our printer uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard. Take a look and see for yourself.
We build magical products to delight our customers, and we do it while taking care of each other. We hire people who are outstanding at what they do, who thrive in tight-knit teams, and who want to make things that make a difference.
Together, we`ve built a product we`re incredibly proud of, and the reward has been incredible growth.
We work together because we believe in the power of creativity. We believe we can bring about a future where anyone can print anything. We`d love to have you join us.
This is a full-time role in Seattle, and we are happy to help new employees relocate to this beautiful city.
Why we need you
People love to talk about Glowforge. It’s a truly magical device that lets you hold your ideas in your hands, and helps people unleash their creative superpowers.
So, we’re lucky in that a lot of people would love to get their hands on a Glowforge (and we mean a lot of people). Because of this, you’d think we have a massive influencer marketing program, right? Not yet! But that’s where you come in. Just imagine the huge potential you’re going to unlock for Glowforge!
Here’s what you’ll be doing
In short, you will help introduce Glowforge to millions and millions of people in partnership with incredible creators.
While the influencers will be the face of the content, we all know you’re the person behind-the-scenes, making it all happen. Using your strategic thinking, you`ll map out the big picture - and then quickly zoom in to Step 1 to start bringing the plan to life.
You’re a savant at developing relationships, especially with influencers. You’ll cultivate relationships with dozens and eventually hundreds of external partners, helping them understand the magic of Glowforge and the huge shared opportunities ahead.
You’ll put your top-notch analytics skills to work analyzing the acquisition and conversion funnel for campaigns, weaving in new insights to improve results, and collaborating with our performance team to develop best-in-class whitelisted campaigns.
Specifically, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Scaling our influencer marketing programs, doubling down on what’s working while identifying and testing new opportunities
  • Methodically tracking results, gathering learnings, and weaving insights into your evolving strategy
  • Cultivating relationships with individual influencers and external partners
  • Developing the resources and tool kits influencers need to be wildly successful
  • Collaborating with the Performance and Social Media teams to accelerate content through targeted paid and organic campaigns

You need these qualifications

  • 3+ years proven experience leading influencer marketing strategies and campaigns for a major brand or agency
  • Track record of building and managing strong relationships with external partners that get results
  • Strong analytical skills - you can dive into the data weeds and come out with cogent insights that tell a story
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent in related field

It would be nice if…

  • You have an interest in woodworking, crafting, home renovating, art, small business - or any of the countless other ways our future influencer partners are creative
  • Familiarity with lasers or similar technology so you can talk the talk - but if not, we’ll be happy to teach you
  • Personal passion for what we’re building - and can’t wait to get a Glowforge of your own

Equal opportunity employment
There`s one more, very important thing. We are an equal opportunity employer. We search for amazing people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We take care of each other to create an inclusive work environment where we love to come to work every day. We`d be happy to provide reasonable accommodations to help you apply - just email us at [email protected] We hope you can join us.

Job Type: Full-time

Published 2021-07-23

looks for a Influencer Marketing Manager in Seattle, WA 98134 location.

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