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Works under the supervision of the Director of Operations. Performs responsibilities that pertain to managing and successfully operating the business office. That includes basic accounting responsibilities (petty cash fund, resident accounts, bank deposits, key interface w/ accountant) and ensuring that the office is fully stocked with appropriate supplies and equipment. Should also work in concert with Information System Manager to ensure that all computer functions are in good working order. All meetings and assigned duties to be scheduled are done in consultation with director of operation or the designee.

Person is responsible for the overall management of the marketing department. The managing of the marketing department must be done in accordance with the policies and procedures of the company, of the rules, regulations, laws, and policies of the State. This person reports directly to the director of operations. Performs responsibilities that pertain to operating Summerset’s marketing office successfully. Performs also other duties as assigned.


  • Experience, familiarity, and skills with the tools of the trade in marketing
  • (and the assisted living industry a plus).
  • College degree
  • At least three years in the assisted living marketing industry and knowledge of such
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, and other appropriate word processors and spread sheets.
  • Training in basic first aid and CPR.
  • Genuine interest in the overall well-being of older adults.
  • Neat in appearance.
  • Strong written and spoken Communication skills/effective communicator.
  • Good mental and physical health:
    • Physical examination upon employment and annually thereafter, if requested
    • No known problems with drug and/or alcohol addiction.
  • Ability to work congenially with others in administering duties.
  • Possess qualities of reliability, dependability, loyalty.
  • Awareness of resident’s rights.
  • Ability to carry out repetitive operations error free.
  • Knowledge of basic accounting practices and procedures.
  • Highly developed teamwork skills. Ability to coordinate the efforts of a team of diverse employees, if requested.
  • Strong internet and social media strategies

18. Strong and demonstrative effectiveness in holding conversations with clients and potential clients.

19. Strong customer focus skills and outreach abilities.


1. Answers telephone, greets guest, and potential clients.

2. Conduct tours for potential clients when necessary. Distribute brochure etc,

to potential clients.

3. Schedule appointments/replies for and assist as needed the President.

4. Complete appropriate reports: a) inquires from potential clients and forward to

appropriate personnel; b) Weekly status report to accountant; Prepare necessary documents ( memoranda, etc) as assigned by owners.

  • Schedule staff meetings(monthly and weekly) and place the schedule

in appropriate locations.

6. Schedule all respite/day care participants in coordination with the Health Care Coordinator and Dietary Manager.

  • Report resident transportation charges to accountant for appropriate billing (Coordinate with assigned SS drivers).
  • Maintain/coordinate MOD Notebook.
  • Update the emergency preparedness list.
  • Keep inventory of gloves for kitchen and nursing staff and order after consultation with Owners.
  • Attend necessary meetings (stand-ups, administrative weeklies, monthly w/Owner, etc.
  • Order all necessary office supplies.
  • Help maintain the self-respect, personal dignity, and physical safety of each resident.
  • Continue to increase awareness of federal, state and SS’s requirements, rules, regulations relating to the assisted living industry.
  • Participate in periodic appropriate classes, conferences, seminars as appropriate to continue self development.
  • Perform other administrative responsibilities as directed by Owner.
  • Maintain accurate and update accounting records.

Published 2021-06-06

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