37 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn

37 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn at


Hacks for LinkedIn social selling newbies and experts alike. Social selling and LinkedIn go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly, Tom Brady and Super Bowl rings, or Kenan and Kel. But in order to get the magic happening, you need to know how to use LinkedIn to sell. And while there are tons of how-to guides and blog posts online, few of them expose the true tips, hacks, and secrets to being a social selling master. In this ebook are top tips for using social selling on LinkedIn. Whether you’re a LinkedIn selling expert, newbie, or somewhere in between, you should walk away with some new knowledge on how to engage, interact with, and sign new prospects with the help of LinkedIn after reading this ebook.

You should aim to publish at least once a day on LinkedIn to keep your connections up-to-date with the latest industry content you’ve been reading and to keep your name synonymous with industry expertise and news. Remember to follow the 80/20 rule of social sharing. 80% of the content you promote should be industry news or helpful content that doesn’t feature your product – at least not too heavily. This type of content includes news articles or blog posts that your connections would be helpful and/or offer insightful industry knowledge. 20% of the content you promote should be about your business, like new product announcements, case studies, and customer success stories. This balance helps earn you respect and trust, while showing you’re looking to help other potential customers succeed. Social selling can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. Set aside time to build an outline for a 15-30 minute daily routine for your social selling efforts LinkedIn. For example, you may want to spend 15 minutes reading the latest news and updates in your industry, 5 minutes crafting and publishing a post to share the article you want to highlight, and 10 more minutes reaching out to prospects pointing them to the piece of content with an explanation of why it’s applicable to their situation. Whatever works best for you and your leads! 4. Don’t Forget About Your Brand It’s easy to forget that social selling on LinkedIn is about connecting your prospects to your company through you, not the other way around. Keep your brand’s tone in mind when conversing with leads to create a consistent brand experience from the first conversation. 5. Stay in Touch With Marketing Your company’s marketing department should be making new content and collateral to help you earn trust with leads and close more deals. Check in with marketing frequently, set a regular cadence to see what new content or campaigns they have on their calendars, and ask how you can best position or frame the content in sales conversations.