Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing at UCP of Central Florida

$ Confidential

Job Summary: The Sr. Director of Marketing is responsible for working with the CEO/President to oversee agency marketing efforts as related to fundraising and agency programs. This position works to create and execute an annual strategic marketing plan that develops and enhances relationships and increase awareness among community partners, donors and potential referral sources.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement a multi-channel student and therapy recruitment and enrollment strategy which leverages historical data and market analysis to drive results
    • Build and maintain team dashboards to track KPIs and utilize data to inform data-driven decision making.
  • Foster and develop relationships with potential referral sources to generate new student/therapy clients and revenue for UCPs education and therapy programs assisting in ensuring full enrollment in all programs.
  • Work with the team to coordinate the creative, development and design for program, staff recruitment and fundraising marketing materials consistent with UCPs brand, including but not limited to the following: postcards, flyers, e-communication, invitations, programs, signage, advertisements, Impact Report, newsletters, annual report, event collateral materials (i.e. Gala and other events)
  • Create and deliver the agencys public relations message and strategy and coordinate outside public relations resources; serve as a liaison in communicating with media, channel partners, and other press.
    • Write/distribute agency press releases, ensuring that news and events are timely and accurately published
    • Plans and produces print and other advertising programs
  • Document and communicate agency brand/positioning, messaging, and value proposition across business lines/locations internally and externally with all stakeholders.
  • Serve as lead for managing and producing videos for the agency and all events including concept direction, script writing, scheduling, producing, etc.
  • Recruit, hire, and supervise marketing staff.
  • Support and attend and assist with all agency fundraising events, speaking engagements, tours, special events and other programs.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with campus Team Members, parents, and clients to help identify ways to optimize UCPs external and internal brand experience.
  • Support UCPs volunteer efforts through the marketing and communications programs
  • Foster and develop relationships with community businesses and partners through attending community events/activities (i.e. Chamber Events, Service Club such as Rotary).
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Published 2021-10-01

UCP of Central Florida looks for a Director of Marketing in Orlando, FL 32817 location.

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