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Are you checking job openings because you want a serious challenge on work that seriously matters? Our mission is to save the world- starting with the planet. That’s a pretty easy mission to get behind, and the good news is that the idea to message is one almost everyone in the world can get behind. What makes the job challenging? Literally changing the world requires participation from a broad ecosystem (geographically, functionally, culturally, and hierarchically). So the challenge in this position is the multi-sector, multi-audience communication of complex ideas such that people don’t need to understand if they don’t really care- but they can (and want to) still participate. The other kicker: as an aggressive startup, we live and grow by the motto that the only constant is change. That means the CMO will constantly be working with the Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Growth Officer, COO, and CEO to refine and pivot messaging, aesthetics, tactics, etc. We can promise you’ll never be bored, but we also know that this isn’t a role for a reasonable person. It’s a role for an extraordinary one.

Who we are:

Ads4Earth is a pending B-Corp radically disrupting several sectors with a technology platform and formidable partner ecosystem capable of facilitating repeatable systemic change. Our social media app, 4Earth, solves the Social Dilemma while providing one of the best tools to facilitate mainstream resource mobilization for activism ever. One of the ways we do that is by revolutionizing how ads are formulated, distributed, and analyzed to facilitate a sustainable economic transformation. We redirect 80% of ad dollars away from tech oligarchs into environmental impact nonprofits and sustainability education. The company went from a concept to post-launch revenue within 6 months, and by spring, we intend to have millions of participants, be redirecting over a hundred million dollars to environmental impact work, and be hosting the world’s largest annual sustainability pitch competition with thousands of teams globally.

Our team members are known as Architects of Change because we believe in nothing less than saving the world. Our very high standards for success make us the perfect place for creative powerhouses that are bored senseless by corporate, government, nonprofit, or even single problem/audience startups. We do the hard work so everyone can have tech enablement to build a world worth living in. We also offer complete flexibility: a global company allowing you to live or travel where you please and work the hours you choose. This means we’re also looking for professionals who know themselves: what lifestyle gives you peak productivity and happiness? The candidate will actively assume management of existing resources in addition to building out their team in perpetuity to cover multi-channel creation and distribution.

What we’re looking for:

  • You’ve created and executed multi-audience marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Managed full span from social media to earned media and corporate comms
  • You have managed remote teams
  • You have experience in global and diverse teams
  • You are relentless, proactive, inquisitive, creative, and never satisfied
  • Willing to ask for help, hold yourself accountable, and take pride in improvement.

Preferred qualifications

  • A background that includes focus on sustainability
  • Multilingual and experience living or working on multiple continents
  • Have an experimental mindset or training.

This is a remote position.


Published 2021-05-28

looks for a Chief Marketing Officer in Remote location.

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