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SCAD Savannah seeks a director of social media who will be responsible for leading and devising integrated content and growth strategies on a campaign and ad-hoc level, with the goal of recruitment, retention, and advocacy for the university.

In this role, you will serve as the director and project manager for video, photography, presentations, and new media projects and initiatives for the university. You will be responsible for the oversight and management of the social media team as well as content creation for SCAD official channels and unique events, environments, lifestyle, and opportunities offered at the university. You will oversee each project from conception to completion while working with communications managers, production managers, videographers, editors, graphics, and the executive administration staff to ensure that all directives are coordinated seamlessly, and that the final product is at the highest level possible.

The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of the social media landscape and will bring competitive industry analysis and insight to shape social media strategy and reach quality audiences. The candidate will assess and advise on internal and external distribution outlets to reinforce SCAD’s messaging to the global community and provide leadership and motivation while conveying the mission and value of the university.

The candidate must possess strong interpersonal skills, candor, and exceptional art and design vocabulary as well as the flexibility and adaptability to handle demanding requests and last-minute schedule changes. The candidate should be proactive in seeking out new opportunities to pitch and integrate trending methodologies into the SCAD social media strategy.

  • B.A. in communications, marketing, PR, or equivalent experience required
  • Comprehensive fluency in social media trends and platforms
  • Demonstrated management-level record of accomplishment

Published 1970-01-01

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