Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant at Larkin Community Hospital

$ Confidential

  • Website Content Creation
  • Call Center Structure / Workflows
  • Call Recording / Customer Quality Assurance
  • Photography / Videography
  • Monitoring / working with our contracted website developer / marketer on our paid advertising campaigns (e.g. social media, google ads, etc.) and measuring / tracking the effectiveness of the campaigns (e.g. conversions, cost per conversion, phone calls, appointments, procedures, etc.)

Published 2022-03-20

Larkin Community Hospital looks for a Marketing Assistant in South Miami, FL 33143 location.

How much Social Media Assistant Jobs professional earns at Larkin Community Hospital?

The proposed salary for Social Media Assistant Jobs position at Larkin Community Hospital is Confidential.

Marketing Assistant responsibilities at Larkin Community Hospital

According to the common industry standard, Social Media Assistant Jobs specialist is in charge for the following activities.

Required Social Media Assistant Jobs qualifications at Larkin Community Hospital

To be disscussed with candidate