Influencer Content Coordinator

Influencer Content Coordinator at VPX Sports

$ Confidential


  • Ensure Brand Ambassadors are following our SOPs and guidelines
  • Answer questions and guide Brand Ambassadors through our program to ensure a successful relationship between Brand and Ambassador
  • Review and critique unique content from Brand Ambassadors
  • Assit with end of month incentives for Brand Ambassadors (i.e monthly product and/or payment)
  • Manage Brand Ambassadors at national/international tradeshows and local events
  • Coordinate and manage castings in various stat
  • es to grow our Brand Ambassador program
  • Develop marketing partnerships with various companies

Published 2022-03-25

VPX Sports looks for a Influencer Content Coordinator in Pembroke Pines, FL location.

How much Influencer Marketing Jobs professional earns at VPX Sports?

The proposed salary for Influencer Marketing Jobs position at VPX Sports is Confidential.

Influencer Content Coordinator responsibilities at VPX Sports

According to the common industry standard, Influencer Marketing Jobs specialist is in charge for the following activities.

Required Influencer Marketing Jobs qualifications at VPX Sports

To be disscussed with candidate