A step-by-step Guide to Modern Digital Marketing

A step-by-step Guide to Modern Digital Marketing at Suresh Babu


It is also a small booklet. It is a PowerPoint document. 20 topics are covered in the power-point presentations. The use of PPT tools is beautiful. The digital marketing strategies covered are quite good. You can count on the book for a quick revision as well as it is a quick read for beginners if they want to start with Digital Marketing for their projects.

Suresh is the Founder and CEO of Web Marketing Academy (WMA), Bangalore which offers certification courses in digital marketing. The institute trains students, professionals & corporate personnel. An enthusiastic digital marketer, Suresh has been in the field since 2002. A lot has changed in the last 10-15 years - from online marketing strategy to tools to measuring ROI - and he’s had to keep pace as well as anyone. In this eBook, he shares some of his learning and gives actionable steps and resources that’ll make you a modern digital marketer as well.