Abortion pros and cons essay

If you are writing a college essay about abortion, here are some key elements that you may want to include.

Abortion pros and cons essay plan

Introduction: Begin your essay by introducing the topic of abortion and providing some context for your discussion. You may want to define key terms and concepts related to abortion, and provide a brief overview of the historical and legal background of abortion in the United States.

Provide your personal perspective

If you have a personal connection to abortion or a personal experience that has shaped your views on the topic, you may want to share that in your essay. This can help to humanize the issue and demonstrate why it is important to you.

Mention research and analysis

Conduct research to gather information and data about abortion, including its prevalence, the social and political factors that influence access to abortion, and the various perspectives and arguments surrounding the issue. Use this research to analyze the issue of abortion from multiple perspectives, and to develop your own perspective based on the evidence you have gathered.

Give ethical considerations

Abortion is a complex issue that raises many ethical questions. Consider the ethical implications of abortion and the competing values and interests that are at stake. This may include considerations of bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, the value of human life, and the role of government in regulating healthcare.

Write a conclusion

Conclude your essay by summarizing your main points and restating your thesis. You may also want to reflect on what you have learned through the process of researching and writing about abortion, and consider how this topic relates to other issues and challenges facing society today.

It is important to approach this topic with sensitivity and respect, and to recognize that abortion is a deeply personal and often controversial issue. Be sure to cite your sources accurately and follow the guidelines provided by your professor or college for formatting and writing style.

Abortion: Pros

  • Abortion can provide women with greater control over their own bodies and reproductive choices (source: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).
  • It can help prevent unwanted pregnancies, which can have negative physical, emotional, and economic consequences for women and their families (source: Guttmacher Institute).
  • Abortion can be a safe and effective medical procedure when performed by trained professionals in a clinical setting (source: World Health Organization).

Abortion: Cons

  • Abortion is often viewed as morally wrong by those who believe that life begins at conception (source: National Right to Life Committee).
  • It can have negative physical and emotional consequences for women, including increased risk of infection, injury, and depression (source: American Pregnancy Association).
  • Some believe that abortion can have negative societal consequences, such as a devaluation of life or a decrease in respect for the sanctity of human life (source: Susan B. Anthony List).

Abortion pros and cons essay: what do people say

Famous individuals have expressed differing perspectives on abortion:

  • "I am pro-choice, but I respect the opinions of others." – Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States
  • "Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women." – Alice Paul, American suffragist and women's rights activist
  • "I cannot swallow the view of the fetus as…mere property." – William Brennan, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice

It is important to note that opinions on abortion can be deeply personal and vary widely based on cultural, religious, and ethical beliefs. It is also important to consider the scientific evidence and medical expertise when making decisions about reproductive health.

Abortion pros and cons essay: abortion and the Catholic Chuch

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is morally wrong, as it involves the direct and intentional killing of an innocent human life. The Church's position on abortion is based on the belief that every human life is sacred, from the moment of conception until natural death, and that it is the duty of society to protect and defend the sanctity of life. The Church also teaches that abortion is a grave sin and that those who participate in or facilitate an abortion are committing a serious moral offense.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that "human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception" (CCC 2270) and that "formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense" (CCC 2272). The Church also recognizes that abortion can have profound physical and emotional consequences for women, and therefore calls for the promotion of alternatives to abortion, such as adoption and support for mothers in difficult pregnancies.

It is important to note that not all Christian denominations share the Catholic Church's view on abortion. Some Protestant denominations, for example, may take a more permissive stance on abortion, while others may hold a similar position to the Catholic Church. It is also important to remember that individuals have the right to form their own conscience and make decisions about their own reproductive health, in consultation with medical professionals and in accordance with their own religious and ethical beliefs.

Abortion pros and cons essay: Trump about abortion

Here is a summary of some of the statements that former President Donald Trump has made regarding abortion during his presidency, along with citations to his speeches and public statements.

Donald Trump has consistently expressed his opposition to abortion and has taken several steps to limit access to abortion during his presidency. Here are some examples of his statements on abortion:

  • During a speech at the 2020 March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., Trump stated, "Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House" (source: CNN).
  • In 2019, the Trump administration implemented a rule that prohibits organizations that provide abortion referrals from receiving federal family planning funds under Title X (source: NBC News).
  • During a presidential debate in 2016, Trump stated that he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would be "pro-life" and would work to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide (source: The New York Times).
  • In 2018, the Trump administration proposed a rule that would have banned organizations that receive federal funding from providing abortion services or referring patients to abortion providers (source: NPR).
  • In 2019, Trump issued an executive order that expanded the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits foreign non-governmental organizations that receive U.S. family planning funds from providing abortion services or counseling (source: The Guardian).

It is important to note that opinions on abortion can be deeply personal and vary widely based on cultural, religious, and ethical beliefs. Additionally, while Trump has taken steps to limit access to abortion, his stance on the issue may not reflect the views of all individuals within the Republican party or conservative movement.

Abortion pros and cons essay: abortion statistics in the US

The main trends in abortion in the United States can be summarized as follows:

  1. Declining abortion rates: The overall abortion rate in the United States has been declining over the past few decades. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the abortion rate in the U.S. fell to 11.3 per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in 2018, which is the lowest rate since abortion was legalized nationwide in 1973.

  2. Decrease in the number of abortion providers: The number of abortion providers in the U.S. has been declining in recent years, which may be contributing to the decline in the overall abortion rate. In 2017, there were 808 abortion clinics in the U.S., which was a 2% decline from 2014.

  3. Geographic disparities: Access to abortion varies widely across the country, with some states having more restrictive laws and fewer providers than others. This can lead to disparities in abortion rates between different regions of the country.

  4. Shifts in public opinion: Attitudes towards abortion in the U.S. have become increasingly polarized over the past few decades, with some groups advocating for greater access to abortion while others seek to restrict or ban it entirely.

  5. Technological advancements: Developments in medical technology have led to new methods of abortion that are less invasive and can be performed earlier in pregnancy, such as medication abortion. This may be contributing to the decline in the overall abortion rate.

It is important to note that these trends are complex and may be influenced by a variety of factors, including changes in laws and policies, changes in public opinion, and advancements in medical technology.

Year Number of abortions Abortion rate per 1,000 women aged 15-44 % of pregnancies ending in abortion
2018 619,591 11.3 22.3
2017 638,169 11.6 22.0
2016 623,471 11.6 21.1
2015 638,169 12.1 21.2
2014 652,639 12.1 20.8

Source: Guttmacher Institute. (2021). Induced Abortion in the United States. Retrieved from https://www.guttmacher.org/fact-sheet/induced-abortion-united-states


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