B2B BLOGGING eBOOK at Mark Schaefer, MLT Creative


If you’re reading this eBook, you’re probably working on a blog for your company, or perhaps considering one. blogging? And it’s very likely that at some point in this process you’ve asked yourself, “Hmm... tell me again why we’re doing this! There are lots of good reasons – and you’ve probably heard them all – but we contend it all gets back to one thing...

MLT Creative, based on the east side of Atlanta, with a Northeast office in Rhode Island, was founded in 1984 by partners Billy Mitchell, Craig Lindberg and Glenn Taylor. Known as the Idea Launch Pad for B-to-B Marketers, MLT Creative’s services include strategic planning, positioning, brand development, advertising, direct marketing, inbound marketing and sales promotions. Our tight-knit team may have taken different paths to get here, but the resulting blend is nothing short of seamless. At MLT Creative you’ll find a seasoned staff of experts with decades in the business working alongside recent college grads with an eye for the future. This balance of perspectives converges in a collaborative environment that enables us to approach any project from multiple angles more effectively. With our focus on business-to-business marketing, we bring an entrepreneurial edge, creative energy and strategic perspective to every project.