Bathtub: from the choice of materials to refinishing

15 August 2022

Choosing a bathtub is much easier if you know the right size and materials.

If you're in favour of reliability and are prepared to forego fancy design and extra features, buy a good cast iron bathtub. If you are on a tight budget, or if you need a bathtub, for example, for the countryside, you can get a steel one. If you want to have a bath with a whirlpool when you get home from work, opt for an acrylic model.

Bathtub: from the choice of materials to refinishing


One of the most important questions is the choice of material of which bathtub is made. The most important question is which material the whirlpool should be assembled in.

How bathtubs are assembled is divided into:


Fitted flush with at least one wall. The usually open outer side of such a bathtub is covered by a cover panel or tiled.


Can be installed into a recess in the floor or a special podium or recessed into a niche. Has special decor and plumbing requirements.


Can be installed anywhere in the room. With attractive exterior walls. Can be installed on the floor or resting on their feet. Their design is elegant and contemporary.

The shape


A rectangular bathtub often fits against the wall and requires minimal space.

Corner baths

Does not take up much space due to the corner position.


Can be wall-mounted or free-standing.


Can be triangular, polygonal, with no acute angles.

Oval or round

Especially suitable for large rooms in private homes.

Whirlpool and other additional functions

After deciding on the size and material of your bathtub, consider whether you require a hydro or aero massage, chromotherapy, disinfection system and water level sensor. Whichever of these options is available, it will not only make your bath more expensive, it will also incur additional costs for water and electricity as well as complications with installation and maintenance.

  • The whirlpool improves muscle tone and microcirculation. Jets of water are pressurised by a pump and massage the body through nozzles in the walls and the bottom of the basin. Usually there are 6 to 8 jets in whirlpool bathtubs. But in premium models there can be several tens of them.
  • Aeromassage is relaxing. The principle is the same, but the electric pump does not supply water, but oxygen.
  • Chromotherapy improves your general tone and has a positive effect on blood vessels. Violet lamps in special reflectors are inserted into the walls of the bathtub and they light up the body lying in water from all sides.
  • Autodisinfection simplifies bath care. At the touch of a button a disinfectant is delivered and is then automatically rinsed away.
  • A water level sensor monitors how full the bathtub is. It is usually available in addition to the hydromassage and aero-massage.

When choosing a size of the bathtub, it is important to consider your height. It is not advisable to take a very deep bath, as bathing in it would not be comfortable. Also, the bathtub refinishing is extremely important.

Remember that the bathtub must fit through the doorway.