Hyper casual games

Hyper casual games are games without a plot with the simplest controls in a "tap to play" format. As a rule, the goal of the game is so clear to the player that there is no need to explain it. This term first appeared in 2017, when games of this genre began to actively storm the App Store and Google Play charts. Most of the highest earning games in the App Store today are in this format.

The process

Here is a typical process for
making hyper casual games in Unity. 1. You are making a small prototype of a game in Unity. This should be the type of game that people play on the bus on their way to work or while waiting for friends at a restaurant. Not what they would play on Friday nights for hours like Dota. Check out some of these top free games from App Annie. 2. You are integrating some analytics SDKs. 3. You pitch the game to the publisher (in most cases you need it). 4. The publisher makes a small video ad for your game and promotes it on social media (yes, they spend money on it). 5. After 1-2 weeks, the publisher tells you the key metrics (Retention = how many people who installed your game came back to play it on days 1, 3, and 7. CPI = how much they spent on “buying” each user through advertising ). 6. If the results are good (your game has good returns and traffic is cheap), then the publisher is ready to move on and you sign a contract. If the results are poor, go back to step 1. 7. You improve your game, integrate ads and embed purchases. 8. The publisher buys even more users and checks how much money is generated from serving ads. You usually go back to step 7 several times until the game is profitable. 9. When the game starts to make a profit, the publisher starts spending thousands of dollars every day on user purchases and promotes your game to the top. 10. Throughout the year, you constantly make updates to the game and make money. Secrets of Making Successful Hyper-Casual and Messenger Games


1. Short game projects. You don't have to spend 6 months on hyper casual games to find out that people or the press don't like them. You make a game in less than a month and you’ll know very soon if it’s going to be a hit or not. 2. Money. Yes, you can make a lot of money from these seemingly tiny games. Quite often you can earn $ 500k - $ 1M on a popular hyper casual game. 3. Less experience. You don't have to wow your audience with awesome gameplay, story, or novelty. You don't need a team of friends who are experts in art, music, coding, scripting, game design, etc. Even solo developers and small teams make hit casual games successfully. 4. Available for most developers. You don't need to visit the GDC, set up a booth, talk to the press, make posters, or hold meetings with publishers. You just sit at home or in the office and make small games. The evaluation of hyper casual games is unbiased, independent of influencers at IGN or any editors in the App Store. And it's fair

Not that good

1. Low chances of success. You might think that it is enough to make a great prototype that all your friends will love, but after testing in the market, you will find that the results are terrible. And this happens very often. Publishers heartlessly test hundreds of games every day to find the next hit. The chances of success are extremely low. I've seen a lot of good developers get tired of creating new hyper casual games. Victory is very close, but not attainable. 2. Abusive publishers. The publishers offer the worst terms you can expect. Here are some examples: You sign a contract for 10 years. All the while, you will have to do what the publisher says. You cannot contact any other publisher for the following games until your current publisher sees and abandons them. Fixed payouts no matter how much money the game makes. You will owe the publisher a lot of money if your game is not working well, is making a loss, or you are not updating the game as requested. In fact, these contracts should be actively discussed, but for indie developers it is quite difficult. 3. Exhausting. Hyper casual games are fun to play, but the processes and scale at which they are made are "scientifically" almost soulless. You are constantly thinking about how to captivate your player and show him even more ads. It's much less about creativity and a lot more about math - maintaining a large database of game mechanics and improvising with them. 4. Cloning. If you make a great game in a month and start promoting it in the charts, guess what will happen next. Someone will clone your game, make it even better (sorry, but there are always “better” and more experienced teams than you) and will soon be promoting it very aggressively.


Examples of content for a public artist

Most of the musicians do not know what social networks are and why they are needed. I will try to share my knowledge and experience.

Several years ago, my friends and I made a musical public, in which we shared, in our opinion, interesting music. Over time, it grew, and we began to receive requests for the publication of artists, for inviting to a meeting, they began to invite us to events as judges and simply cover the event in our group. We began to get to know the artists and move around in a near-musical get-together. Musicians turned to us for advice: how to promote a group or start sowing their creativity. Soon we got into the band, and I started working with musicians.

Often, when you start working as an SMM specialist and offer $99 social media marketing, later, without noticing for yourself, you already communicate with TV channels about interviews and follow the sales in electronic stores. It takes time and effort, and smm fades into the background. Most of the musicians do not know what social networks are and why they are needed. I will try to share my knowledge and experience.

Let's start with the content so that you always have something to publish in your Vkontakte public!


Song quotes are probably the best content for fans, collecting the most likes and reposts, of course after the post with songs from the new album. There can be a whole bunch of variations of such posts. I suggest you familiarize yourself with several options:

Text + photo + song

The big plus of such a post will be that this post will be shown for search queries by citations. If a person heard a song and a chorus got stuck in his head, then, having hammered in a phrase from the chorus in a search in VK, there is a chance that he will stumble upon this post.

Text on photo + song

Jah Khalib sings mainly songs about love, so the editors try to select content on this topic. If you have a question - where to get pictures that are on Vkontakte, no one has become boring yet - I advise you to look for them in Pinterest or in the Tumblr. It is also worth trying to make posts in the same style, developing your own unique, corporate style. It is also worth noting that at the bottom of the picture there are icons of social networks and a single address for these social networks. networks.

Text split into several pictures + song

All three pictures are made in the same style, the text on them is easy to read. It is also worth noting that the first line of the chorus implies that it will be continued in the comments, thereby increasing the activity in the public.


Quotes not from songs, but from various interviews, broadcasts on the periscope, or from comments will allow listeners to remind about a particular position of the artist, plans for the future, and so on.


Listeners should always be reminded that you are on other social networks. The best way to do this is by sharing content from these social media sites. networks. For example, make a selection of 6 fresh photos on Instagram or talk about the broadcast on the periscope. You also need to be friendly and post links to various media outlets that publish news about you. If you bring traffic to various social media. networks, then they will write about you more often.


When posting videos, especially clips, it's important to remember that social media can generate a lot of views. First of all, you need to make sure that your video clip does not copy other channels on YouTube, and that Vkontakte removes pirated copies. We will tell you how to do this in the following articles. Organizers often look at the number of views, so it's important to collect them all in one place. You can also make money on your videos: either through an affiliate program on YouTube, or through VK.


Tougher licence conditions for online operator

An online gambling company had a series of tougher conditions added to its license after an assessment by the Gambling Commission revealed flaws in money laundering. During an investigation by the regulator, Boylesports Enterprise violated the Commission's rules designed to prevent money laundering on its websites. The investigation - part of the regulator's ongoing effort to raise standards across the gambling industry - revealed that the operator failed to have an appropriate money laundering risk assessment. It was also found that its policies, procedures and controls to combat money laundering were inadequate and, therefore, could not be implemented effectively. This is not the case for sites shown at The investigation also revealed that the operator did not comply with the elements of the Money Laundering Regulation.


How to create a disposable email address

Disposable email addresses can be canceled if someone starts using the address in a way not intended by the creator. Examples are accidentally sending an email to a spam list or if the address was obtained by spammers. Alternatively, the user can simply decide not to receive further correspondence from the sender. Temp Mail is a free temporary email address that you can use for one-time email. If you are looking for a safe way to receive emails that self-destruct after 24 hours, this is the best temporary messaging service you will find! No problem, you can generate your email address or let our system randomly create a temporary email for you. With a disposable email service, you can prevent spam from reaching your inbox from those who sell your email address for profit. The temporary mail address sets up a different and unique email address for each sender / recipient combination. It operates most useful in scenarios where someone can sell or release an email address to spam lists or other unscrupulous entities. The most common situations of this type involve online registration of sites that offer discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, online shopping and file hosting services. At a time when email spam has become a daily nuisance and when identity theft threatens, DEAs can serve as a convenient tool to protect Internet users. Why use Temp Mail? It's simple, having an anonymous email address can really come in handy when you are forced to "sign up" to receive something you are not sure you will continue to use. Using our free temporary email address, you can receive the confirmation email securely. Depending on what you need the email for, you can easily change your permanent email address.


Vadim Pinskiy: Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience

Vice President of Research and Development at Nanotronics, Vadim Pinskiy is a well-known expert in AI and Neurosciences in scope of biomedical and neuroanatomy. Apart from the scientific advances, he also empowered the Research department with knowledge and inspiration for a remarkable revenue growth.