TikTok Books

A couple of years ago, we could not have imagined that TikTok is not just a song by the famous Kesha performer, but also the main and discussed application for generating content in the world! Already today it has more than 20 million users in our country, and in the world there are about 1.5 billion installations and 700 million active users. Many already call it “the main application of the generation”. However, the site is interesting not only for its fast-growing audience, but also for the promotion of brands. There is a debate in the world to this day that TikTok is a “bubble” for promotion and not worth the cost, while others, on the contrary, consider it an excellent tool in their arsenal to increase awareness and reach.

So what is TikTok? What are its features? How can you get promoted on the platform? And why does everyone love him so much? 4D Communication Agency specialists have collected all the most important about TikTok.

In simple terms, TikTok is an app for creating short music videos and messaging. This format fits perfectly into the modern life of people, when they consume content mainly from mobile devices. At the same time, users increasingly prefer short content that is convenient to consume at any time and anywhere: videos on TikTok are up to a minute, but most often 15-second videos are shot.

The main feature of the application is its algorithms, which selectively show videos to a wide audience – even a beginner in a few months of regular filming can gain hundreds of thousands of views and an army of millions of fans, which often leads to large advertising contracts in the future.

But despite the fact that brands offer active collaboration to TikTokers, the video clips currently being filmed in the app are rather frivolous and simple. The video creators simply dance, imitate singing, shoot humorous videos and launch video challenges. The most common formats are: duets, challenges, reactions, dancing to music, tutorials and life hacks, illusions, sketches and parodies.

Many people still compare TikTok to Instagram or Snapchat Stories, since content is also served in vertical and short formats, but the platform has become popular not only because of them. Its main difference is the atmosphere of absolute creativity and freedom of expression, sincerity and real emotions of the content authors. We can say that TikTok gave a huge boost to the trend of “being real”. This is what hooked users, because everyone can become famous on the platform without using special equipment or third-party video editors. It is enough to have a good idea.