Classic 1972 Ford F 250: social media star

Ford loves to indulge the nostalgic sensibilities of brand enthusiasts, and regularly creates something inspired by its great heritage.

Classic 1972 Ford F 250: social media star

But sometimes very small private companies work with the theme of heritage much better than the mastodons of the automotive industry. One of them, Velocity Modern Classics, recently introduced its new 1970 Ford F-250 restomod, a truck that perfectly combines classic style and 21st century technology.

The Signature F-250 series will be part of a larger program, with new suspension and quality interiors that breathe life into 1967-1972 pickups. However, one of the most interesting parts of this pickup truck is its 5.0-liter second-generation Ford Performance Coyote V8 engine (this legendary V8 has just been put under the hood of the seventh-generation Ford Mustang), and although Velocity Modern did not disclose its characteristics on their pickup truck, we know that the 435-strong Gen II version can be purchased from Ford for $7,975. In the F-250, the Coyote is paired with an automatic transmission, an Atlas II transfer case and all-wheel drive. A patented seat belt system and custom exhaust system complete the package of mechanical upgrades.

Considering wheels and tyres, 1972 F 250 tire PCD is pretty much the same as of today.

Of course, the signature F-250's beefy design draws everyone's attention, but it's not just that. Velocity started with Roadstershop's RS4 chassis and then changed the axles to Dana's famous Dana 44 front and Dana 60 rear. AFCO's adjustable dampers not only make it a great off-roader, but also provide decent handling on the highway, where a car with such a powerful engine still needs to be able to stop. This is done by Wilwood disc brakes with hydraulic calipers on all four wheels.

Velocity 1972 F 250

Velocity has done a fantastic job of keeping the look as close to the original 1970 model as possible. The truck is fitted with 33-inch BF Goodrich T/A K02 tires mounted on 18-inch body-coloured rims. By the way, the car itself can be painted in several color variations, among which the blue hood and upper part of the body shown in the photographs are combined with a snow-white roof and lower part.

Velocity 1972 F 250

JW Speaker LED headlights provide much more efficient illumination than the original incandescent bulbs, and new glass and seals have been installed to properly insulate the cabin.

Inside is an attractive sofa trimmed with premium leather. While the basic architecture still evokes the interior of a pickup truck from a bygone era, Velocity has equipped the F-250 with a retro-sound Huntington head unit that plays tunes through a Kicker Audio system with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. The vintage A/C controls the climate control, and the GT Performance steering wheel is tilt-adjustable.

“The Velocity F-250 is the creation of an incredibly innovative team that brought a great idea to life with thoughtful style and passion,” said Cody Dabney, Director of Custom Cars. “Velocity is run by people who bring the classic art of restoration to the automotive world. The F-250 High Roller is the pinnacle of the F-Series Heritage Edition and a great addition to our signature series.”

Well, it may be beautiful, but the Velocity F-250 costs a lot of money. The starting price is $285,000, but we're willing to bet that it will easily go over $300,000 if you decide to add at least a couple of options. But the evaluation of restomods is rarely based on logic and rationality – these are emotional purchases that allow owners to drive a classic while enjoying the power and comfort of a modern car. In that sense, the Velocity Signature F-250 series is a great option for those who can afford it.



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Classic 1972 Ford F 250: social media star