Driving More Calls and Customers from AdWords and Bing

Driving More Calls and Customers from AdWords and Bing at SEJ


Search publicizing drove more than 48 billion calls to US organizations a year ago. What's more, those calls convert to income 10x more than web leads. It's the reason calls are so imperative to paid hunt ROI. On the off chance that you put resources into AdWords and Bing Ads, it pays to adopt an information driven strategy to calls, much the same as you do clicks. This eBook gives procedures that search advertisers can use to drive more guests and clients from their paid hunt battles. It guides you through the enhancement, attribution, focusing on, and investigation procedures organizations and offices need to drive more call changes at a lower cost. In SEJ's manual for upgrading paid quest for calls, you will learn:

  1. What Is Call Analytics and Why It Matters
  2. Why Calls Matter to Paid Search ROI
  3. Approaches to Drive More Calls with Paid Search
  4. Methodologies to Optimize Call Conversions
  5. Step by step instructions to Optimize Landing Pages for Phone Calls
Thus substantially more!

What Is Call Analytics & Why Does It Matter?

Search has gone mobile. And thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, consumers are responding to paid search ads by calling businesses by the billions. And these callers convert to revenue 10x-15x more than web leads. But these calls, while often the most lucrative type of conversion, are also the most difficult to track and measure. They are creating a black hole in paid search ROI data that has made optimizing PPC campaigns a challenge. It’s why marketers investing in paid search must shift their old desktop-centric thinking and adopt new ad, bidding, and attribution strategies to drive more call conversions and sales. This guide will help you get started.

Why Calls Matter to Paid Search ROI

People running searches on mobile are calling businesses by the billions. In the U.S. alone, mobile search ads drove 38 billion calls to businesses in 2014. Mobile search ads are expected to drive 73 billion calls in 2018, nearly doubling in growth in just 4 years. And that doesn’t even include calls generated from desktop-targeted search ads, which for many industries, remain a critical part of the customer journey.