Executive’s Guide to Website Development

Executive’s Guide to Website Development at Ryan Doom


With in excess of 80 pages of industry measures and noteworthy thoughts for building a fruitful web nearness, this guide will leave you with a spic and span point of view toward how to market to your future clients and how to transform your site into a viable deals machine. This eBook is genuinely a definitive manual for site advancement. It covers the advantages of a decent site, the all through's setting one up, distributing and advancing a site, just as following its viability and figuring out how to bring in cash off of it.

Ryan Doom is the co- founder and President of Web Ascender, an interactive services agency in Okemos, Michigan. Web Ascender specializes in web design, web application programming, digital marketing, and the development of mobile applications. Web Ascender has delivered professional services to over 250+ clients and have countless customers that use products they have created and sell. Growing up, Ryan had always dreamed of becoming a comic book illustrator, but in 1994 his interests started to shift. It was around this time he began experimenting with computers as a creative outlet; first designing banners and business cards, editing photos, and eventually designing websites for businesses of family friends. In 1996 he learned his first programming language, Pascal. In 1998, he started learning C and C++. During this time, it became clear the internet was going to be a huge area of growth, and Ryan’s interest in
building better web systems continued to grow with it. He soon decided to pursue his interest in technology by attending Michigan State University, for Computer Science. During his time at MSU, Ryan worked as a Unix system administrator, started his first official company, programmed his first e- commerce system, and built his own custom content management system. After graduating, Ryan worked in the IT consulting industry before starting Web Ascender with friend and college classmate Kevin Southworth. Since that time Ryan has led and managed technology projects for some of the world’s top companies. He has programmed sophisticated web, mobile, and database systems and has helped companies grow by leveraging the capabilities of internet marketing. He has also consulted directly with the United Nations and trained companies such as JP Morgan Chase on social media and burgeoning technologies. Ryan was awarded an entrepreneurial award from The Greater Business Monthly, Lansing, Michigan’s most prestigious business publication. He was also recognized by the Lansing Chamber of Commerce with the 10 over 10 award; which is awarded to stand-out young professionals. Web Ascender was also
awarded a Michigan 50 companies to watch award due to their continued growth and success. In his spare time he is often playing with the latest technologies and development platforms as he finds it as enjoyable now as he did in the mid-90’s. When he is not geeking out, Ryan enjoys drawing, soccer, volleyball, reading, writing, photography, retro motorcycles, and aviation.

Website Benefits

It’s not a secret; the business landscape is constantly changing. Every year technological advances require us to assess and rethink how we do business and interact with our prospects, customers, and clients. The growing dependence on technology and constant access to information that have come about as a result of the evolution of technology has made it commonplace to see multiple computers in every home, and web capable mobile phones in the hands of family members young and old. The power of high-speed internet is now at the fingertips of virtually everyone, ultimately presenting businesses with unique and exciting ways to provide new services, automate existing processes, and sell and market globally. Think about it. Not long ago, a big and bulky encyclopedia was required to find out answers to everyday questions regarding anything from local restaurant reviews to what actors were in
their favorite movie. Fortunately, in today’s world the answer to such a question is merely a Google search or a Wikipedia click away. The days of seeking out the Yellow Pages in order to find a local plumber in your area are gone. Now, you can find all of the plumbers within a 50 mile radius, read reviews, and make sure that they are indeed a real person. Even markets that once seemed untouchable, such as movie rentals, have been completely revamped and revolutionized by the internet. Not only do video rental stores now compete with large companies that mail DVDs directly to consumers, they also compete with the real-time streaming of new releases directly over the internet. The internet is turning many industries upside down, leaving the business world with only two options: Fully embrace the opportunities that are unfolding in front of you and seize them as quickly as you can, or brush off your horse and carriage, because you are asking to be left in the dust. This book is designed to help you understand the basics of many key components in any website or online marketing strategy. It is comprised of the terms, services, and technologies that you should be familiar with in order to ask the right questions and maintain an active role in your online marketing revolution. Yes, you could hand all of these duties to someone else, but without any understanding of the concepts for yourself, you wouldn’t be delegating the task, you would be abdicating it. With no true understanding of the capabilities of
the resources available to you through the internet, you could become the next Blockbuster. While you may be content continuing on as you always have, don’t sit still for too long. Before you know it, here comes Netflix with a plan to reinvent the industry and leave you without a fighting chance. If you don’t have at least a basic understanding of what resources are out there, you will, without a doubt, miss every game-changing opportunity in front of you.

Content is winning

There is a good chance you are like me; you grew up in a time where you just had to live without knowing the answer to something. You didn’t have a device in your pocket or a computer tethered to the internet where an answer was a keystroke away. There is no doubt that you will now be working with, hiring, and interacting with individuals on a day to day basis who have never known what it is like to not be able to search for an answer. 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Countless blog posts, news stories, and articles are generated every second. The most impactful movement we are seeing right now is the ability to easily generate entertaining and educational content with little to no barrier to entry. Are you getting your message out? People are searching for it... but are they finding it?