Facebook Ads Strategy Guide

Facebook Ads Strategy Guide at HootSuite


Facebook advertising is a booming business with no sign of slowing down. Every year, 15 million companies spend billions on Facebook ads. But how hard are these dollars working? According to eMarketer, 96 percent of marketers consider Facebook the most effective social media advertising platform based on proven ROI.

Before you earn somebody’s business, you need to get their attention. Facebook’s huge user community means your brand’s message has the potential to be far reaching—but you can’t rely on these big numbers to do all the work for you. Only two percent of a brand’s audience actually sees their organic posts on Facebook. If you want to drive engagement, traffic, and conversions, you need a combination of paid and organic Facebook posts. Boosting discoverability is the first step towards building a strong brand and driving sales. Facebook’s brand awareness campaigns let you promote your business in the place where people find new things—and where they’re already in discovery mode. To increase discoverability, select the Brand Awareness objective in your Facebook ads dashboard. This optimization for brand awareness combines reach and attention to ensure your ads are delivered to the people most likely to respond - and to have higher ad recall. Before you create an ad using the Brand Awareness objective, you should note...