How to Protect Your Virtual Identity When You’re Online?

Virtual identity is how you present yourself online on various resources. In today’s world virtual identities are of great interest to various scams. Since creating and filling an account with data takes time, effort and even money, fraudsters prefer stealing accounts of real people. In such a way they have handed a virtual identity on a plate and can deceive others with their schemes.

Fraudsters steal precious data, such as:

  • numbers of credit cards;
  • passwords;
  • health ID’s;
  • Social Security Numbers;
  • banking data;
  • usernames etc.

Having received access to this data, thieves can use them in an unfair way to commit their crimes. For example, if your phone was stolen, a thief can get your data from social media via a verification SMS. Virtual phone number will save you from such a situation.

How to protect your virtual identity when you’re online? | Onlinesim

The Internet and Virtual Identity: Interaction

The Internet and especially social media allowed people to share personal information online. At the same time personal data became vulnerable. The security risks increase positively associated with the quantity of people using the Internet.

Ways and Methods of Personal Data Protection

If you do not understand how you can protect your personal data from thieves, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Do not overshare

Sharing pictures and other data with friends on social media is fun, but if you are not personally acquainted with each friend online, there might be thieves among them. You can never tell.

Avoid phishing scams

Never open e-mails from unknown addresses, attachments from unknown senders or go through unsecure links.

Generate strong passwords

Most platforms require generating passwords that contain small letters and at least several capital letters and numbers. Never use words that are connected with your address, last name, middle name, family, birthdate, spouse or child’s name, phone number etc.

Virtual Number and Safety

Use virtual phone numbs while registering on various platforms. In such a way fraudsters will never know who you really are and your data will not be in such a danger. OnlineSIM is perfect for receiving an authentication SMS. Virtual number free of charge is also available at this company if you want to try their services before buying them. More than 10,000 online directories from over 30 countries around the globe are available at OnlineSIM.

The safety of your virtual identity is in your own hands. Follow the pieces of advice given in this article and nothing will threaten your personal data.