How to view Instagram Stories Anonymous and download it to mobile phone?

Built-in Instagram functions allow you to upload your Stories within 24 hours or from an archive. If you need to download a story from another account, for example, to edit a video, then you can use applications for iPhone and Android, browser extensions, telegram bots, online services, or just make a screen recording.

In stories, you can conduct polls, arrange quizzes, announce contests. Their only drawback is that they disappear a day after publication.

You may want to save or download Instagram Stories for collection. SMM specialists save successful stories to their gallery for inspiration, as well as their Stories for a report or backup.

In today's article, you will find out what are the ways to save previously published Stories on your own and someone else's page. Get step-by-step instructions on how to save photos and videos to Instagram Stories on Android and iPhone.

How to download a story on an iPhone


The application searches for accounts and allows you to download content: stories, IGTV, posts. To use the function, you need to log into your Instagram profile through the device.

This free application for downloading and reposting stories, which works through a plug-in Instagram profile. The required account can be found through the search. The free version has ads, but tories can be downloaded without restrictions. The PRO version without ads costs $12, a one-time payment.

How to download a story on android

One of the simplest and most convenient apps for downloading Instagram Stories for Android. This one can do reposts, download posts, and even IGTV. You can upload Stories separately on the selected account or all at once in a day. The application is free, saves videos without watermarks, but with ads. Remove ads – $3, one-time payment.


Applications for downloading Stories from the link for android. To get a link, you need to copy it from Story in the Instagram app and return to Insaver. You can also upload posts and profile avatars here.

How to view Instagram Stories Anonymous and download it to mobile phone?

How to save your Instagram Stories

Thanks to the updates of the social network, saving your Stories is a matter of a few minutes. Let's consider two possible options.

Archiving and phone memory

In order for all your stories to be automatically archived, you must enable the corresponding option in the settings. This is done simply.

Start Instagram and go to your profile. Click on the menu button and go to your account settings. Select "Privacy".

In the window that opens, in the "Interactions" section, select the "History" item.

Scroll down to the "Save" subsection, where we enable the option opposite the "Save to gallery" item so that the stories are saved in the phone's memory, "Save to archive" – ​​to save them in the cloud. To be sure, you can enable both options.

To see the Stories saved in this way, open your profile settings and click "Archive" in the upper right corner. If you want to save the History to the phone memory, open it. Click the More button and then the Save Photo action.

Method number 2: Actual Stories

This method is suitable for those who want to leave their Stories in full view of subscribers. Go to your Instagram profile, then go to the archive or open the recently published story.

Select the Story you need, tap at the bottom of the window on "Select" when the content starts playing. After that, Stories will be saved to the Relevant folder.