How to view Instagram stories anonymously

We love Instagram Stories because we know exactly who is viewing them. It is curious to know who is watching our profiles with you, and ordinary publications do not give us such information.

At the same time, sometimes it is not so pleasant that you and I appear on the lists of those who have watched other people's stories. By the way, if you are wondering how Instagram makes a list of views of stories, you are here. It's one thing to view Instagram stories anonymously, including Instagram bloggers and just interesting accounts. It is not so important for us that these profiles will know that we are viewing them. But what if you want to watch someone's stories and go unnoticed, so to speak? Well, for example, accounts of competitors, enemies or former friends / girlfriends?

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

What can be viewed or downloaded from Instagram?

Each user of our service has the opportunity to view and save stories, highlights, publications (note that accounts must have open access).

Do I need to create my own Instagram account to view other profiles?

To view other accounts, you do not need to have a profile or create one specifically. It is enough to indicate the correct nickname of the user of interest (you need to enter the nickname correctly, because even a mistake in one letter can lead you to the page of a completely different user).

On which device can I use those services?

You can use our resource using any gadget that has a browser and an Internet connection. Regardless of the device used (PC, phone, tablet), the ability to view the desired profile is guaranteed by us.

Is it possible to download the desired material anonymously, leaving no trace behind?

Each user of InstaNavigation can easily download the desired story, video, photo, etc. Before downloading, you need to make sure that the profile is open.

How much do you normally have to pay?

Using our resource is free and does not need a verification process, which will save time – just go in, specify the desired nickname, and that's it.

Can I use previously downloaded content from Instagram?

Using other people's photos / videos / stories is not recommended, because. the rights to them belong to their respective owners. You can download material for informational purposes only. Note that this does not apply to the photo / video, which is freely available on the Internet, it does not have intellectual property rights.

It turns out that secretly viewing other people's stories is as easy as shelling pears! What is not on the Internet! There is almost always opposition to every function ? And, personally, I sometimes also use this opportunity if I want to maintain my anonymity.