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Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business by Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson. Read more: Marketing Made Simple PDF by Geoff Lancaster and Paul Reynolds.

This guide from New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller is a must for any marketer or small business owner looking to grow their business. He will teach you how to create and implement a sales funnel that will increase traffic and increase sales. Every day your business loses revenue just because you don't have a clear path to attracting new customers. You are not alone. Based on the proven principles of Building a StoryBrand, this 5-part checklist is the ultimate resource for marketers and entrepreneurs who cultivate a sales funnel that flows through key customer touchpoints to develop, strengthen and market. effectively communicating the history of your brand. In this book you will learn: The three phases of the relationship with the customer.
  • How to create and execute the one marketing plan you will never regret.
  • How to create a sales funnel that attracts the right customers for your business.
  • The power of email and how to create campaigns that drive customer traffic and a growth in brand awareness.
  • The keys to wireframing a website that grabs attention and drives conversions.
Failure to attract and convert new customers costs entrepreneurs valuable opportunities to grow their brand. This prevents companies large and small from generating the revenues that are critical to their survival. Marketing Made Simple teaches you everything you need to know to take your business to the next level.

Donald Miller Marketing Made Simple - About the author

Donald Miller is the CEO of Business Made Simple (, an online platform that teaches business professionals everything they need to know to grow their business and increase their personal value in the open market. He hosts the Business Made Simple podcast and is the author of several books, including the best-selling book Brand Building Stories. He lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Elizabeth.

Marketing Made Simple PDF book reviews

'I created guarantees for a client and they recently told me not to release the next round we created because they can't handle the flow of clients from the first round. They've had more ads this year than in 30 years of business. ' - Amy Burgess, marketing consultant 'My last email campaign I delivered raised $20k. Thank you Donald Miller for giving me a system that I know works. ' - Ian Stewart, Owner / Creative Director of Root Source Digital 'One customer went from $15 million last year to $27 million this year. Everything from updating your messages to implementing new lead generators and email campaigns. - Wes Gay, CEO Wayfinder “I just heard from one of my clients that she's getting 18 ideal customer leads a day from her website. Before wireframe reworking, she averaged 1-3 leads per week. And that's just with updating her website. ' - Amy Schutte, owner of Hudson and Co LLC