Social Media Certification Workbook

Social Media Certification Workbook at HubSpot


A Beginner’s Guide to Applying Social Media to Your Business by HubSpot. Welcome to the Social Media Certification workbook. You’re about to start an exciting journey to transform your understanding and approach to social media marketing. Today’s digital revolution has fundamentally changed how people gather and consume information. Gone are the days when consumers had to rely on companies to tell them what to buy and what to think about their products or services. Consumers instead prefer to discover relevant information on their own and through trusted friends or resources. Most importantly, they prefer to do so at a time and place most convenient to them.

This shift in consumer culture and behavior demands a fundamental change in how companies approach social media. Social media is much more than posting and sharing your content while praying that it goes viral. Instead, it’s a strategic marketing tool to help you build human connections with your customers and reach your business goals. When used strategically, social media is the ultimate way to practice inbound marketing. Because of its unique nature as both a public and one-on-one medium, social media has the potential to shape public conversations and perceptions, build brand awareness and loyalty, attract partners and customers, and create brand evangelists. The Social Media Certification online course will help you accomplish all of the aforementioned goals by equipping you with a solid understanding of social media strategy, digital advertising, social monitoring and listening, influencer marketing, content strategy, and much more. What Will You Learn in This Workbook? This workbook includes additional readings and activities that will help you digest the information covered in each section of HubSpot’s free Social Media Certification course. The content in the workbook runs parallel to the video course series. In addition, within each section of the workbook, there are links that guide you to the original course content. The content in the workbook together with the online course will solidify your understanding of social media. This workbook was developed by Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang (@AiAddysonZhang), associate professor of Communication Studies at Stockton University, with HubSpot social media professor, Crystal King (@Crystallyn), to accompany the HubSpot Academy Social Media Certification. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Please keep this workbook handy as you go through the online course. Now, let’s get started.