Social media marketing degree

The course covers relevant and interesting topics. It is a useful course both for those approaching the profession in order to acquire the indispensable tools, and for those already working in the sector who need to broaden and deepen their skills.

What degree is needed for a Social Media Manager?

Certainly the most appropriate faculty is Communication Sciences, it has different curricula and it is possible to choose between the philosophical or the digital curriculum.

Social media marketing degree


This is a professional figure that has become strongly established in recent years and is among the most in demand on the labour market. Trained in a course of excellence.


Learn from established professionals and relevant case histories. The course is full of examples and concrete cases that guide you to discover the most effective techniques for working as a Social Media Manager


With the on-demand video lessons available 24 hours a day, you programme your study independently with maximum flexibility.

Social media marketing degree – FAQ

What are the best Social Media Marketing courses?

  • Udemy – Social Media Marketing MASTERY.
  • Coursera – What Is Social?
  • Hootsuite Academy – Social Marketing Training.
  • Fiverr Learn – Social Media Content Strategy.
  • LinkedIn Learning – Social Media Marketing Foundations.
  • – Social Media Success for Business.

Where does a Social Media Manager work?

He or she can work as a freelancer or as an employee in the communication department of an agency. His main task is to manage the social profiles of the companies he works for. He or she is in charge of creating an editorial publication plan by applying the strategies he or she deems most appropriate.

How does one become a Social Media Marketing Manager?

The best way to become a Social Media Manager is to study communication and marketing in the digital world. You can do this either through bachelor's, master's or postgraduate courses that can be found all over the world.

What do social media marketers do?

A social media marketer (or Social Media Manager) is a digital marketing professional who within a company manages and supervises social media channels, digital media and social networks, and who acts as a connection between a community of users and the company itself.

How to become a Social Media Manager without a university degree?

Can I work without a university degree? Of course, there is no official register of social media managers. Nor are there any specific faculties for those who want to work in this field, but many Masters and post-graduate courses. Moreover, having a strong basis in studies always gives advantages.

Levels of Social media marketing specialists: junior, middle, senior

Choosing an Social media marketing specialist is a difficult thing for business leaders. The market is overflowing with specialists and agencies, they all say nice things, but as soon as it comes to work, something incomprehensible, to put it mildly, begins to happen. Sound familiar? We decided to make the choice of contractor a little easier and explain what skills the business pays for the specialist/s.

The article is for business managers and decision-makers who decide on choosing an Social media marketing contractor, as well as for recruiters who need to get the Social media marketing manager vacancy right on various sites and find the right person for the company.

All Social media marketing professionals are divided into three grades. This division has spread to the entire digital from programmers. Understanding the level (grade) of a specialist helps to conclude whether a particular person will be able to solve tasks independently and adequately, or whether he or she has a few more years of growth ahead of him or her.


This is a specialist with initial knowledge, who has not yet managed to gain solid experience. For example, a person with a university degree (which one does not matter, at the moment there are no universities that are preparing really competent PR specialists), a high level of literacy, some courses on the required profile and some initial work experience, or a completed internship.

If such a specialist comes to the agency, he or she will always be under the wing of a more experienced employee. Accordingly, the Junior option is only suitable for in-house teams if it is assumed that he or she is not the only employee in the line of work.

The Junior specialist needs to know:

  • – The characteristics of social media. Be active in at least one and registered in several major ones;
  • – analytical and content planning services;
  • – at a basic level – graphic editors and applications for editing;
  • – the possibilities and formats of advertising accounts on different social networks;
  • – mechanics of recruiting subscribers: paid and free methods.

The junior specialist should be able to:

  • – create competent texts;
  • – verify information;
  • – calculate the budget for the advertising campaign;
  • – plan and allocate time to tasks;
  • – give the TOR to the photographer, tagger, copywriter;
  • – communicate with the social media audience, keeping the tone of voice of the brand
  • – run ads to recruit subscribers;
  • – generate campaign reports (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • – find creative ideas for content;
  • – make a simple shoot on your smartphone;
  • – work with Influencers.

A junior professional is a person who still needs to be taught, so prepare for quality onboarding and plan for specialist growth, then everyone will be comfortable working and the employee will be effective.


When a specialist moves from an executive to an organiser, his knowledge and skill set changes slightly. Middle-specialists are good for in-house teams as the only Social media marketing -specialist or head of a department, and for agencies as project managers.

A Middle-specialist should know:

  • – advertising offices of social networks in conjunction with analytics (Ya.Metrika, Google Analytics, end-to-end analytics);
  • – subtleties of social networks: algorithms, audience behaviour, effective content formats;
  • – project management;
  • – team management.

A Middle Specialist should be able to:

  • – brief the client;
  • – independently lead the project and interact with the client
  • – create content and media plans;
  • – monitor trends and react in time;
  • – create viral content
  • – plan advertising campaigns
  • – mapping of funnels
  • – adjust campaign progress based on intermediate results;
  • – create effective collaborations with other brands;
  • – plan Influencer marketing campaigns;
  • – manage projects in the task manager;
  • – Handle negativity in communities;
  • – increase engagement.


A specialist who has reached the pinnacle of the profession and can train others and build a team is usually called Senior. In Inhouse, such a specialist is good for a large business where a department (e.g. a bank, a large online shop or a marketplace) and/or complex strategic decisions are required.

A senior's competences often extend beyond Social media marketing alone to complex Digital, where the main sales/reach/support channel is still social media. For example, originally as an Social media marketing person, the Senor may supervise contextual advertising, content marketing, and SEO specialists. Or organize 360-degree campaigns.

Many seniors set up their own Social media marketing agencies, organise courses and events. Such specialists have well-known brands in their portfolios.

A senior specialist must know:

  • – The specifics of each block of digital and Social media marketing 's place in it;
  • – project budgeting;
  • – tools for market analysis;
  • – conflict management.

The Senior Specialist should be able to:

  • – develop creative campaigns;
  • – hire the right people to implement the project;
  • – write commercial proposals;
  • – create long-term strategies;
  • – set KPIs correctly and realistically;
  • – market themselves (the agency);
  • – to hold brainstorming sessions, meetings;
  • – Evaluate the time spent on projects;
  • – Develop training materials for Junior and Middle levels.


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