The Beginner’s Guide to Hiring and Managing a Team of Freelancers

The Beginner's Guide to Hiring and Managing a Team of Freelancers at HubSpot


Working with freelancers offers a flexible, affordable way to move your business forward, fulfill the role of a temporary team member, or help you scale your content initiatives. Freelancers can be graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, executive level strategists and consultants, or any skill imaginable.

In fact, in 2018, Americans freelanced for over 1 billion hours per week. That’s a lot of specialties. Flexible workers and freelancers offer a unique, new perspective and the latest technology in web content and development. If you’ve considered working with contractors before or had a bad experience with a flaky or unprofessional freelancer, here are the tools and strategies you’ll need to find professional, high-quality work at a much lower cost and turnaround time. Having a great relationship with freelancers will open the door to exciting projects, smooth marketing operations, and exceeding your goals. Freelancers can be extremely beneficial for growing companies in a number of ways. Freelancers in local markets can help to localize content for sales representatives in both language and tone. If your company is expanding to a new region, consider using local freelancers to start up social media and blogging efforts. They can also help to translate and repurpose existing content for your new markets. ¡Que bien! Utilizing contract workers can be helpful to companies offering support or who require around the clock work for tight deadlines. Hire bloggers around the globe and get your project done in no time!