Learn how to start marketing your business on today’s most potential social media platform in the world!

1. ENGAGEMENT Your brand becomes a part of the community and vice-versa Follow your brand’s partners and influential creators of the community whose content may relate to your brand. Browse hashtags to find content that is related to your business sphere, engage by liking and commenting. Reply to comments on your posts and show interest. 2. #HASHTAG CHALLENGES Make use of TikTok's possibility to incorporate usergenerated content in your brand community. Launch a unique hashtag relevant to your brand/campaign for submissions. Create a video to introduce the campaign. Share it on Facebook and Twitter to promote the campaign to your followers on those platforms as well. Have a few examples ready to display immediately when you start the campaign. This gives people some direction as to the type of photos or videos they should submit and encourages higher quality and creativity in the submissions. Contact popular creators to make the challenge more popular to users.