What Customers Really Want from Your Social Brand

What Customers Really Want from Your Social Brand at HootSuite


A little trust, a little love, and a lot of convenience. A customer engagement ebook from HootSuite.

We’re entering a new digital age— one that’s focused primarily on individual consumer experiences— which is changing how brands and customers interact online. In this age, it’s no longer enough to simply offer a great customer experience. This experience must be relevant, timely, and completely centered on the unique needs of each customer. Customers now expect businesses to not only know their needs, but to anticipate them in advance. And when they choose to interact with your brand, they do so whenever and however they want—whether that’s shopping from their phones, walking into a store, or contacting someone directly. In fact, 85% of consumers want an experience that is a blend of both digital and physical interactions, all tailored to their personal preferences.1 And this is true of customers of all generations, from baby boomers to millennials and Gen Z. This makes context more important than channels. You must meet customers in their moment and not yours. In the Age of the Individual, consumers seek control. While customer demands have certainly heightened around technology, people are also taking back control of their constantly connected lives.