What is Temporary Phone?

Services that provide a temporary number for receiving SMS online appeared after many social networks, marketplaces and other Internet resources switched from user identification, during registration, through an email address to identification through a code sent to a phone number, and often a code to phone number and confirmation via email.

For whom are there services that provide virtual numbers online?

The entire audience of users of resources that provide services for receiving SMS to phone numbers online can be divided into groups:

The first group is the most numerous and brings the greatest income to SMS activation services – these are people who use all kinds of programs for cheating (likes, subscribers, votes, etc.). To carry out their activities, these people need thousands of bots, for the creation of which, accordingly, thousands of phone numbers are needed. For ourselves, let’s call these SMS activator clients “wholesalers”.

Let’s continue to separate users of SMS activators

The second group, let’s call it “cunning”, are those who like to exploit vulnerabilities. I will give an example: a few years ago, there were especially cunning ones who understood the sequence of the card numbers of the Perekrestok grocery network and, by sorting through the cards, identifying which ones have bonus points, tied up to five cards to a new account (using numbers from SMS activation services) and in subsequently, they could safely pay for food in stores with these bonus points. Something similar exists nowadays, only now with the Pyaterochka chain, because it and Perekrestok are part of the same x5 retail group and they decided to use the same system for bonuses. More info on callgear.com website.

This group also includes those who follow the discounts and bonuses on the first purchase. And again, let’s look at an example: there was a promotion in the well-known KFC fast food chain, when registering in their application or in your personal account on the site that you pull up to the application on your phone, you are given a 30% discount on the purchase of a bucket with wings. And with each new hike for the wings, while the promotion was in effect, representatives of our “cunning” group registered a new account, using a temporary number to receive SMS from one of the SMS activation services, paying no more than 5 rubles for it, and receiving a benefit of 30% from order at KFC.

Last user group of sms activators

The third group is the smallest. These are those whom we will call “private traders”. Who buys temporary numbers for receiving SMS up to 10pcs. Again, a better example: you are a car resale and advertise on the avito marketplace. The first ad will be free for you, the second for a nominal fee, the more often and more you post ads for the sale of a car, the higher the avito price tag will be for you, up to 1000 rubles for a new ad. Avito also has a similar price increase system for placing an advertisement for the sale of spare parts and other things. Or you are a homebrew housewife and want to check your husband by registering a page in Intagram or vkontakte and write to him from this new page, where there is a photo of an attractive female.