What is virtual server in simple words?

A server is a computer allocated from a group of personal computers (or workstations) to perform some service task without direct human involvement. A server and a workstation can have the same hardware configuration, as they differ only in the involvement of a person at the console in their work. It is important to learn the basics about how web server works to understand which web hosting is best for you.

What is a server in simple terms?

Server – is a specialized equipment (usually a service computer or workstation), designed to perform the service software without human intervention. Serve means to serve and server means to perform a service, i.e. service hardware or software.

What is a server in simple terms

What is a server?

The server is a computer, allocated from a group of personal computers (or workstations) to perform a service task without direct human intervention. The server and the workstation may have the same hardware configuration as they differ only in the participation of a person at the console. Some service tasks can be performed on a workstation in parallel to the user's work.

What kind of servers are there?

Among their myriad of species and subspecies, there are several categories that are summarized by some common characteristics, purpose and performed tasks. The best known today are as follows:

  • Workgroup servers and domain controllers
  • Network servers and services
  • mail servers and data exchange servers
  • application servers
  • database servers
  • web servers
  • File and FTP servers
  • terminal servers

What is a hosting provider in simple words?

A hosting company (also: Hoster, Hosting Provider, Web Hoster, HSP (Hosting Service Provider)) – A company that provides hosting services for hardware, data and websites on its technical facilities (hosting). Often, hosting services are also provided by companies for which this is not the main activity – Internet service providers, domain registrars. Can provide services: Colocation. Virtual dedicated server (VDS).

What is virtual hosting in simple words?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which a number of websites is located on one web server. This is the most economical type of hosting service and is suitable for small projects. Typically, each website is hosted on its own part of the web server, but they all use the same software together.