Why to rent a dedicated server for a website hosting

Renting a dedicated server is a popular service that is needed in various situations. This option is especially relevant for sites with high traffic and a large amount of information. There are two types of dedicated server, and this should be taken into account when choosing the right option. It is worth understanding the features and benefits of the service before ordering it.

Why to rent a dedicated server for a website hosting

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a type of hosting, when choosing which the client receives a whole server for use. In essence, a separate physical machine is provided for rent, which is used to host the website.

In most cases, a separate physical machine is chosen for sites with high traffic, as well as for those projects that require unique server settings. The client will be able to independently choose the configuration depending on personal needs.

It is worth noting that there are two types of dedicated server:

  • Physical. In this case, a separate physical machine is provided, so the portal will differ in capacity.
  • Virtual. A person is given space on a physical server. The provided space is delimited from other sites and programs, so no one will interfere.

Having considered what a dedicated server is, it is worth delving into its features.

Who will need it?

A dedicated server should be chosen if you need high traffic, as the hosting cannot cope with the load. You should switch to a separate physical machine when the site goes down due to a large flow of users. It is worth taking a closer look at the service when a message comes from the provider with a recommendation to choose a dedicated server without build waiting for the project.

A separate physical machine is needed if you need to store a large amount of files on the site. It is also suitable for the development of online computer games and portals with films, videos. Having understood in more detail what a dedicated server is, it will be possible to understand why it is so necessary.

How a dedicated server works

When renting a dedicated server, a person is provided with a separate physical machine. It is located in a well-protected area, which is serviced by specialists around the clock. Many different servers are in special racks. Trained people make sure that the equipment works properly.

By renting a car, you will be able to set up a server environment yourself. It will be possible to install any operating system, based on personal wishes. In addition, you can choose the processor, the amount of RAM and other parameters. A dedicated server is a place where client information will be stored and processed.

How is a dedicated server different from VDS?
Many people may have heard such a term as VDS – this is a virtual dedicated server. By choosing it, a person rents only a certain part of the server, and not the entire physical machine.

Of course, a whole server costs more than renting a part of it. The first option, however, has many advantages. A dedicated server is a great option for large sites, for example, online stores. It is worth understanding its merits.

Benefits of a dedicated server

If a person understands what a dedicated server is, then its advantages will be obvious.


  • High degree of protection. The site will be virtually invulnerable to hacker attacks.
  • Ability to withstand heavy loads. That is why a separate physical machine is recommended for large projects.
  • High uptime. Dedicated servers have higher uptime, as the possibility of software errors is lower. It is due to software problems that the server may stop working.
  • Configuration setting. The client will be able to independently choose many parameters, such as the processor, the amount of RAM and much more.
  • A dedicated server is a highly demanded service, which is chosen by many reputable projects. However, this option also has disadvantages.

This option is not suitable for everyone. Let's say it will be difficult for beginners to work with a dedicated server, as they will have to face many tonic issues. Often, a team of specialists is required to work with a single physical machine.

If we compare a dedicated server with shared hosting, then the second option is easier to set up. For this reason, it is more often chosen by beginners.

Understanding what it is – a dedicated server, its cost should be noted. It is higher than that of shared hosting. For this reason, low-budget projects eschew a separate physical machine.

How to choose the right dedicated server & its features

Choosing a dedicated server is a responsible task. You will need to take into account various points in order to choose the right option. It is necessary to reverse the parameters that affect the performance of the machine. The higher the characteristics, the better the server will work.

In particular, the processor is of interest. You will have to focus on the number of cores and their clock speed, the amount of cache memory.
You will have to pay attention to the RAM, as it directly affects the stability of the server. It is necessary to consider what tasks the physical machine will perform. At the moment, there are two memory standards – DDR3 and DDR4. The difference between them is in the speed of information transfer – in the second option it is higher.
You will need to choose a disk system for a dedicated server. You need to understand what will be more important for the server – the ability to quickly process requests or search for data. Let's say there are SAS disks that are used for systems with a large number of users. There are SATA drives that perform tasks that involve large amounts of data. SSDs are popular and are suitable for any high-load projects.

Having found out what it is – a dedicated server, you can choose the appropriate option. A separate physical machine will ensure fast and stable operation of the site.


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