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The book is structured according to the following theme Think Research, plan and strategies for brands and campaign Create Build beautiful, highly functional assets and content for brands and campaigns Engage Use the power of the connected web to drive the traffic to those assets and leverage the available channels Optimize Relentlessly use data and analysis to improve all the marketing efforts

I am immensely proud to present the 5th Edition of the Quirk marketing textbook. It is now 6 years since we began work on the first edition, and it’s quite amazing to see how much it has grown. Not only in line with the changes in our industry, but also through very important input from our passionate and kind community of learners and educators. The evolution of the discipline of marketing is best represented by the change in the subtitle of our book. When we started, this book was called eMarketing: the essential guide to digital marketing. Today as you will see, we have adjusted this to eMarketing: the essential guide to marketing in a digital world. This change has been an easy and natural one. It underlines an important shift in the way we think about and engage with digital. Digital is not a channel in the same way that a marketer might view television or radio as a channel. Instead digital is a way of life. It is the experiential glue which binds previously separated media together. Because of this, digital enables a cohesive brand experience that wasn’t previously on offer. In fact, it’s highly likely that within the next edition or two, we will need to acknowledge this shift in the role of digital by ditching the “e” in eMarketing. At best it is quickly becoming passé, at worst it will become completely redundant. At Quirk, we no longer see ourselves as a digital marketing agency, but rather as a marketing agency born digital. We still consider ourselves to be experts in the digital realm and as digital natives we still have bits and bytes coursing through our veins. However it is because of our understanding of brands and how to build them in a digital world that our clients are turning to us for far more than just a website or some SEO. Today we find ourselves as lead agency on a number of prestigious brands. These brands see that their customers are living in a digital world and therefore trust a partner like Quirk to lead them in that world. Our textbook is now used in almost 1000 academic institutions globally. This is largely due to brave and forward thinking educators to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude. They have walked a journey with us, embraced a book published by an agency (a fact which hasn’t gained easy acceptance by the very traditional academic community), and have provided us with tremendous encouragement and invaluable feedback to ensure that this book keeps pace not only with a fast moving industry, but with their evolving needs as well. We believe in education. Educated people make better decisions and have more potential for an improved life. We also believe that particularly for tertiary education to have an effective future a partnership between the private and academic sectors is vital. It ensures the very best education is as accessible as it can be to as many people as possible. By making our textbook available for free online we hope to propel this dream forward. In fact, less than 10% of the many institutions who use our book actually pay for it and we are thrilled by this. At Quirk we want to make a dent in the world and this is an important part of us achieving that. vi vii Another important change for this edition has been the appointment of our academic partner, Red & Yellow, who have helped us improve the pedagogy and academic rigour of the textbook. Founded twenty years ago in 1994, Red & Yellow is one of South Africa’s leading marketing colleges. Last year Quirk Education merged with Red & Yellow to form an academic institution which we believe will serve its students very well into the future. This new entity combines Red & Yellow’s tremendous experience in marketing’s academic space with Quirk’s digital skills and online training expertise. Relevant and practical content can thus be delivered through the methodology best suited for the student – online, contact or a hybrid of both. In order to effectively join forces, we must see the end of the Quirk Education brand. This is slightly sad for me, but is part of an important evolution and I am immensely excited about the high quality of students Red & Yellow is already producing at this early stage of their combined adventure. The future holds great promise indeed. From a content perspective, this book is a real step up from the previous edition. As with the 4th Edition, we’ve maintained Quirk’s Think, Create, Engage and Optimise structure. We have, however, worked much harder to acknowledge the useful links between disciplines throughout the book. The lines between disciplines in the media landscape can be blurry, but we find the TCEO structure gives us an effective way of tackling the big picture explanation for comprehension. This foundation then enables us to focus on the nuance where the rubber hits the road. Apart from a general update of facts, stats and case studies, we’ve made a few other important changes. Firstly the Think section has been expanded, with a much improved market research chapter and the addition of content strategy chapter as well. The section is better equipped as a platform for approaching the rest of the book and the marketing process in general. In the Create section we’ve added a chapter on User experience design and in the Engage section the Video Marketing and Mobile chapters have been greatly expanded to reflect their growing importance in the marketing landscape. The last update is a valuable one for readers of the printed edition. Because the book is available for free download we wanted to give you extra reason to part with your hard earned cash when buying a printed copy. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with many great vendors to provide a wide array of useful vouchers that will help you get started with what you learn from this book. I started Quirk almost 15 years ago. Whilst we’ve grown successfully as a business over that time this textbook remains my proudest achievement even though I didn’t write it. I may have had the original idea, but it’s a team effort and I wouldn’t want to take that away from the people who have worked so hard to make it a reality. Putting each edition together takes a huge amount of work by many people. My name is on the front purely because someone’s name has to be on the front. Thankfully the font gets smaller and smaller every year. In particular I want to recognise Kat Scholtz who has overseen the production of this 5th Edition. I have worked with Kat for over 5 years now and you just couldn’t find a better qualified person to lead such an effort. I mean this both from a skills and experience perspective as well as the deep passion and excitement Kat has for producing a great resource which we know will help many hundreds of thousands of people. Kat has also surrounded herself with a phenomenal knowledge team whose job it has been to synthesize the knowledge of our agency into an easy to use guide which is accessible to all. To Kat and her team, from the bottom of my heart I thank you so very much for your incredibly hard work in making this dream a reality. You deserve all the credit for this fantastic book. I’m proud of the book because it genuinely is good and it is genuinely free. To have brought Quirk to a place where it can afford to make this contribution to our industry and community is an incredible feeling. We hope you enjoy our book and remember, the most important thing any human can do is teach, even if you’re not a teacher. Share your knowledge and make the world a better place. Onwards and upwards! Rob