Employee Advocacy Program Guide

Employee Advocacy Program Guide at HootSuite


How to plan, launch, and grow a successful employee advocacy program for your organization. IN SOCIAL MEDIA, SOMEONE ADVOCATING FOR YOUR BRAND isvery powerful. Advocates give their friends, families, and colleagues trusted advice that is more credible than traditional advertising. They defend a business against negative messaging, volunteer ideas for product and service improvements, and they do it all for free. While enterprises tend to reach out externally, the best advocates hide in plain sight—their own employees.

A desire to see the company succeed is crucial for advocates, and this cannot be created by corporate mandate. Compulsory advocacy negates the entire point of bringing employees on to social media—creating a transparent and sincere business environment that resonates with customers. For these reasons, buy-in across multiple stakeholders within your organization is key. So, what motivates an employee to become a company advocate? The simple answer is engagement. If an employee feels personally rewarded by the work environment, it’s natural to transfer that engagement to customers. Build a plan for buy-in by