Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing at Alex Trengove Jones, Anna Malczyk and Justin Beneke


Key Concept Covered:

  • What is Internet Marketing?
  • History and pioneers of Internet Marketing
  • Todays Internet Marketing context
  • Future trends,
  • How the tactics taught in this textbook fit together?

Internet marketing is the fastest growing and most exciting branch of marketing today. As the world becomes ever more connected, keeping up with developments and trends is vital for marketers trying to reach new audiences – who are more discerning, fragmented and cynical than ever. Technology and software are changing at such a high rate that it seems almost impossible to keep up with trends. Products and services are evolving and adapting to the online sphere. The web is constantly shifting, growing and changing – everything is fleeting. How do savvy internet marketers cope with all this? They harness the power of the web – and its myriad tools – for their own needs. They find unique and personal ways to interact with customers online. They plan, organise, implement and measure complex internet-wide strategies seamlessly. Most importantly, they never stop learning, growing and adapting themselves. You are well on your way to joining their ranks. In this chapter, you will: • Discover what internet marketing is (section 2) • Learn about the history and pioneers of internet marketing (section 3) • Explore today’s internet marketing context, with a special focus on the South African space (section 4) • Learn about future trends (section 5) • Discover how all the tactics taught in this course fit together (section 6)