Organic and Paid Social Marketing Playbook

Organic and Paid Social Marketing Playbook at HootSuite


Integrate your organic and paid social strategy to unlock your brand’s potential on LinkedIn. Naturally, social media is at the forefront of this seismic shift. But with abundant opportunities come significant challenges for B2B brands. As organic reach on social media continues to decline, brands are feeling the pressure to deliver concrete ROI—and this pressure is resulting in rapid changes to the role of the social marketer.

In a survey of 3,110 marketers for Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2020 report, 44% of senior marketers cited “driving conversions” as a top outcome for social media, right behind brand awareness. To achieve this objective and meet their business goals, organizations need to diversify their social media strategy and experiment with a combination of organic and paid content in different formats across their social channels. So how do you reach the right professionals, the right way with your social media strategy, all while maintaining brand safety? With member engagement rates nearly doubling year-over-year, LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to help businesses of all sizes build a compelling organic social presence, increase reach and engagement with paid advertising, and measure and optimize campaigns to maximize impact. By boosting your brand’s organic page posts with Hootsuite, you can deliver these results while managing ad spend and social media activity across all your social channels and campaigns. In this playbook, you’ll discover how LinkedIn sponsored content can complement your organic social content. It’s time to unlock your brand’s potential on LinkedIn.