Social Intelligence Briefing

Social Intelligence Briefing at HootSuite


COVID-19 had an immediate and obvious impact on customer behavior. Here’s a data-backed snapshot of how digital organizations are responding to the crisis, adapting their playbooks, and retaining customer relationships.

With social distancing in place, messaging apps and community-focused social platforms saw the biggest uptake. Reddit saw a 20–50% increase in usage from the previous month. Facebook reported that total messaging increased more than 50% in March. TikTok also saw a 96% year-over-year increase in app downloads compared with February 2019. Increased engagement with social platforms did not translate into higher interest for products and services. Despite obvious winners (web conferencing and grocery delivery), website traffic data from SimilarWeb shows that traffic and engagement around most industries has declined due to social distancing and shrinking mind share for products and services beyond the essentials.