The Ultimate Toolkit for Social & PR Branding

The Ultimate Toolkit for Social & PR Branding at HubSpot


Every brand has a story. Every great brand knows how to tell that story well. Why? The reality is, whether you’re selling coffee, bookcases or enterprise software you’ve got more competition than ever before. Making sure your story is compelling is the absolute key to getting the edge. And of course, we’re not just talking words. Your brand story is communicated in many ways: through your visual identity, tone of voice, PR and social media channels.

It’s a lot to think about, and churning out endless content hoping something hits the mark is definitely not the solution. In order to rise in rank, you have to connect with your audience – and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ formula for that. Some channels will work better than others for certain businesses, and some subject matters will gain more traction. In many ways, it’s about trial and error, and above all, being consistent. How does that work? Consistency comes from knowing who you are as a brand. What you stand for. What you care about. What your products or services do for people. Once you’ve taken the time to cement your brand story (and worldview), you can build content plans, marketing activities and themes that are in line with that. It’s not a creative straitjacket – instead it brings a sense of cohesion to everything you put out into the world. It’s also a powerful way to gain brand recognition, helping you connect with like-minded customers, building familiarity, liking and loyalty. Take an artisan shoemaker, for example. They’ve built a loyal following of customers who love their range of handcrafted, down-to-earth, luxury footwear. Just imagine how those customers would react to the launch of a new line of high-top sneakers – complete with high-profile marketing campaign featuring a famous basketball star. It’s a complete disconnect. Fans would be alienated and disappointed, and those new to the brand would be confused as to what the company was all about. The same applies to what you share online, and how you share it.