50 Cent wife

50 Cent wife

Is 50 Cent really married or is it just journalist gossip?

Despite the extremely outrageous screen image (few people have not seen the video or articles in which the singer quarrels with colleagues), in real life, where there are no huge screens and bright spotlights, Curtis Jackson (this is what the real name of the rap singer sounds like) is extremely modest and secretive. Yes, he had a huge number of short-lived novels with long-haired and long-legged models, however, they did not last more than a few months. So, what's up with 50 Cent wife?

The secret personal life of the rapper

That is why the miraculously unearthed news that the rapper has a son and an ex-wife (earlier, the son was called illegitimate, and the wife was considered just a mistress) became a real bombshell for journalists. Her name is Shanique Tompkins. Despite the fact that she and 50 Cent broke up a long time ago and earlier there were quarrels between them (which journalists were very fond of writing about, since it was one of the rare interventions in the rapper's personal life) and omissions, Shanicua gradually thawed and allowed the man to see the child.

But were there other women around the musician who wore his ring on their finger? Yes, all three. However, their stories differ dramatically:

1. Famous singer Ciara. Despite the fact that their relationship with Curtis has long been forgotten, she still speaks of the rapper with warmth and tenderness. Unfortunately, the couple was only engaged, it never came to an official marriage (the reason for the separation remained unknown even to the most experienced paparazzi, which once again confirms the secrecy of 50 Cent);

2. Chelsea Handler – this outrageous blonde (unfortunately, the ring she wore was an ordinary one, not an engagement ring) for a long time poured out quotes from her ex-relationship with 50 Cent. However, even through the prism of her impeccable, but not always censored humor (which was worth the joke about the python brought to the film studio!) Sometimes the sadness of loss slipped through: “50 Cent is completely different from what you imagine him to be. He's funny and touching!”;

3. Daphne Joy – this girl still excites the public, tempting many journalists to write about marriage and engagement, which, in fact, might not have happened. It all started with the girl’s April Fool’s tweet (“I really want to be called 50 Cent!”). The rapper, in turn, jokingly called the beauty wife. However, attentive paparazzi did not find a single ring at the “newlywed”, at least more or less similar to an engagement ring. Then, as if in jest, after a while Daphne appeared in public with an interesting ring.