Vadim Pinskiy: Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience

Vice President of Research and Development at Nanotronics, Vadim Pinskiy is a well-known expert in AI and Neurosciences in scope of biomedical and neuroanatomy. Apart from the scientific advances, he also empowered the Research department with knowledge and inspiration for a remarkable revenue growth.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the business development strategy also led to more than 10 software and technology patents.

Vadim Pinskiy about programming

An interesting forecast by Vadim concerns the future of education in software development industry. According to his thoughts, the education itself will be shifting to remote format (not only in programming, but in general). Moreover, he predicts a switch from functional-focused approach that has been used since the first computers were built to a modern, abstract mindset that helps to incorporate complex structures and combine objects of various kind alltogether.

Importance of simulations

Another point that Vadim Pinskiy emphasises is the value of numerical simulations. With the modern cloud compiting capacity these methods reveal an unprecedented opportunity to improve our skills in prediction of future, shaping the complex technological systems (like airliners, for instance) to avoid possible real-life issues.

Additive Manufacturing

An important area of interest for Vadim is AD (Additive manufacturing), which basically is a distinct discipline that combines industrial manufacturing, digital processing, material science and 3D design to provide a solid technology that could turn the current industrial methodology to that is sometimes called “Industry 4.0”.

Research by Vadim Pinskiy

Among the other scientific contribution, here is the list of the well-known publications with Vadim as co-author:

  • Defending Industrial Production Using AI Process Control
  • Inferential Methods for Additive Manufacturing Feedback
  • A Computational Model for Decision-Making and Assembly Optimization in Manufacturing
  • Deep photometric learning (DPL)
  • Securing Industrial Production from Sophisticated Cyberattacks
  • Inspection and functionality convergence (Conference Presentation)

Vadim Pinskiy on the AI audit

According to the talk Vadim Pinskiy gave at the Open Data Science Innovation Center conference, since the Deep Learning field is characterised by a wide public availability of strong pre-trained models, this presents a challenge for companies and businesses in scope of deep learning deployment management. It’s quite a difficult objective to distinct opensource development from in-house improvements. Vadim with colleagues examined the organic structure in which research, deployment and engineering are communicating. The proposed model allows to implement the agile development principles without losing quantitive and qualitative control.